Black Nail Polish

The Fashionizers who have strict choice always try to choose something that will look strict and special. One of the accessories of strict choice is high knee boots which make the appearance better only in the case of combining it with elegant outfits. When choosing outfits that do not fit with the high knee boots you can get a trashy look.

The same thing is in the case of black nail polish. If you are not one of those who are involved in Gothic style then you should know the right way of wearing black nail polish and look elegant.

1.    You should choose the color palette of your clothing. You would better wear clothing of cream colors like caramel and latte as with these colors the black nail polish will look great and special.
2.    When having the look that we told you above, just add some black fashion accessories to make your look even better.

3.    Another color that you can combine with black nail polish is light brown.
4.    The colors that cannot be combined with the black nail polish are blue, light pink and red. This also depends on your choice, if you somehow prefer that colors, then try to combine them with the black nail polish it in the way that will not give you a trashy look.

5.    Another important feature is to choose the best nail polish. So when buying nail polish try to get the one that costs more expensive. The flaws in the black nail polish are more visible then in the other colors of nail polish.
6.    And the last important thing. Use the black nail polish only in the special cases in the case of having a wish to have an impressive look.

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